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You part your legs exposing the glistening flesh of your womanhood and beckon me forward. My tongue tastes your honey and the sweetness travels down my body and finds a growing throbbing cock bursting through the seams of my pants. Your pussy has texture, scent and a taste that cause my head to spin. You let out moans of ecstasy each time my lips and tongue find a tender spot that causes your back to arch and your ass to rise off the bed.

Your hand reaches for my head and presses my mouth and nose deep into you pussy. I quickly, instinctively and eagerly eat you with a passion I’ve never felt before. Your body writhes underneath the direction of my tongue. You scream and as you orgasm, call out my name. Your body takes in the aftermath of your climatic expression of the love I have shown you. Your mind recalls the feelings and sensations caused by my tongue and the heat of my breath.

I crawl up to meet my lips to yours and you whisper I love you as we kiss. I taste the nectar of you mouth and you taste the wetness that was once between your legs. We gaze into each others eyes and without words, I know you want my tongue on your clit one more time. I’m more than eager to taste the sweet wet flesh that before now I only sampled in my daydreams.

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